The University of Ferrara, founded in 1391, is one of the oldest Universities in Italy. It has around 17.900 students enrolled, of which 5,7% are international students; 60 undergraduate courses, 74 postgraduate courses; 649 professors and researchers; 554 technicians and administrative staff; 405 PhD students; 286 post-doc assistants; 264 international cooperation agreements (especially with China, Latin America, Mediterranean Countries, Africa and USA); more than 180 Erasmus partners; several research project implemented in the framework of international, European and national programmes. The University of Ferrara offers all three levels envisaged by the Process of Bologna (first cycle, second cycle, research doctorate programmes) and all cultural areas (science-technology, medicine-biology, economics-law-humanities-social science). It is involved in many student exchange projects and in the main EU programmes (Tempus, Interreg, 7° Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, Mundus, Culture, Erasmus+). The University is also partner of a number of international networks. In 2012 a new international net has been established in the field of Soustainability (ROUTES net). At present 14 double degree courses are on-going and 3 new ones will be active from next a.y. The University of Ferrara coordinates an “Erasmus Master Mundus” and an “Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate”. Since 2007, the University of Ferrara obtained the Unesco Chair in Urban and Regional Planning for Local Sustainable Development. The University has one of it’s Schools fully dedicated to E-learning Studies and a development Centre (Se@) for digital content and on-line environments that supports both distance and blended e-learning pedagogy.The center develops also research on ICT models and tools for the social and educational inclusion of students with disabilities. Technology-based learning practices and research have been addressed at the University in the last 20 years.

 Prof. Anita Gramigna
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 +39 0532 293200
+39 0532 293203

 Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici Via Paradiso, 12, Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy)



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