We, The Coordinating Partner - Çukurova University - have a strong expertise of Coordination of Projects.  Being a Public Organization of Education, experienced with e-Learning for adult users, our specific perspective is of extreme importance, both at technological as at pedagogical and social levels. Our Institution will also emphasize cultural differences and commonalities, with regards to the social problems being dealt with. We are  responsible for coordinating the creation of the e-Learning Platform.

As a main center for the production of scientific knowledge, the University of Minho's view is absolutely needed when addressing technology and pedagogy by means of a Learning approach: its expertise directly fits into the subject of Technology applied to Educational Sciences. This Partner has a close working relationship with the Coordinator, resulting in a great added value towards all the European Partners.  It is responsible for supervising the Pedagogical component. Its participation will also bring the perspective of the Academia and Higher Education, of the Scientific and Research production centers and of the public education sector at its upper level as well as the support to the piloting activities developed in Portugal by APLOAD.

The excellent results achieved by the cooperation between APLOAD and Çukurova University turn it natural to continue the common development of projects, having common needs and pursuing relevant achievements for end-users. APLOAD's founding partners and staff are more than 17 years experienced and will assure the success of the results-centered approach adopted. APLOAD's experts  will support the internal coherence of the Project and will also bring the vision of the labour market, the vision of the of VET/Curricula developers on technical professions and the fundamental link with NGOs across country.

Searchlighter works on project implementation in collaborative contexts both locally and internationally with a focus on monitoring and evaluation. It is active in cross-sector innovation, knowledge transfer, transparency, accountability, civil rights and social cohesion contexts. In this Project, Searchlighter will assure the Quality Plan implementation bringing the critical evaluative perspective into the improvement and solid adaptation of processes and results and will bring the importance of further using the Evaluation findings.

DIAN is an experienced partner concerning training and education contexts by means of a technological approach. It is also largely experienced with cross-border Educational developments and connecting with NGOs. Its strong expertise over this last matter is very important for the Project. It will target NGOs as vehicles of social change by means of Education and Training and vehicles to reach people at risk of social exclusion. It will play a central Pedagogical role directly reverting into specific outputs and outcomes.

University of Ferrara has previous contacts with the involved institutions. This mutual knowledge and their positive relationship turn it very easy and fruitful to cooperate and identify common and complimentary outcomes. The solid implementation and expertise of this Partner turn it into a key-actor of the Project: it is an e-Learning provider for years, with given proofs for social concerns. Its experience is found essential to achieve the Projects' objectives and to provide the specific Country overview. It is responsible for coordinating and develop specific scientific IO. Its participation will enrich the cross-cultural e-Learning and support the Technological and Pedagogical developers.

Fırat University has expertise and experienced staff playing a fundamental role within this project. It is a previous partner of the coordinator and of some other partners having achieved solid results together. It will strenght the subjects of its expertise (VET, trainers’ training in both vocational and formal education, distance education, online learning systems, course design and curriculum development) as well as assure stronger impact of the Project in Turkey.

MEGIDER will play an essential role as an input partner for all issues related to NGOs. It will sustain the project's developments and results not only by providing its perspective and the perspective of its users, but also incorporating and further disseminating the outputs and outcomes in peer Organisations accross Turkey.

The Project design requires the participation and commitment of each partner into every activity, enhancing the Project's coherence and the internal sense of belonging.

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